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Letter: Wants to know how city is addressing utility billing issues

Published: September 4, 2016 12:00 AM

I am writing

this out of utter frustration in trying to find out what the city administration is doing about the new utility billing system that has grossly overcharged the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls.

Have you been told that your bill is due to this year's summer heat, the extended billing cycle or any of the other list of excuses they have to read off to you?

They say the system is not flawed, and then tell others that they "have technical issues." They say that they tested this out. Come on people, either you did these things or you didn't. You can't have it both ways here. Where is Zack Jones [the city's utility billing manager] in answering for the colossal mess for the people who live here? Where are his answers as to what went wrong, what is being done to correct this, and when will we have answers? I think the city owes the Council members asking these questions answers, and they owe the residents of Cuyahoga Falls answers.

Here is what I will do when my bill that is just shy of $900 is due: I will be sending a check for $1 and an IOU for the balance due when the city sends me a corrected utility bill and answers. I would also ask that everyone who thinks they got a bogus bill to be on hand at the next Council meeting on Sept. 6 so we can ask our questions and have it explained to all who attend.

Where are the answers? Come clean, Zack Jones, give us the truth about what you did and how you made your decisions to pay $250,000 for a system that was broken before you implemented it.

Dave Sebastian, Cuyahoga Falls

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