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Note of Thanks: Praises organizer of canceled downtown concert series

Published: August 21, 2016 12:00 AM

I would like

to say "thank you" to Mike Thomas (IROK) for trying to keep the Falls River Square concert series alive.

You did your best, but when you don't get the attendance and support, it's tough to keep your head above water. Mike Thomas and the IROK organization were very committed to the community of Cuyahoga Falls. It's really a shame. The attendance was low, for what reason, who knows? I would rather support the Falls River Square concert (where I feel safe) than going to another city nearby.

We had a jewel in our backyard and we let it slip away.

Jeff Knight,

Cuyahoga Falls

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FallsResident Aug 22, 2016 11:15 AM

While I do believe the IROK team were trying their best, the reason for low attendance seems pretty obvious to me - they were booking bands nobody cared to see. That's why I didn't go to the river on Fridays this year nearly as muchasI didin years past.

I wish all the best to the IROK team but hopefully they will be able to get some people in there that will book good bands next year.