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Letter: Offers new funding idea for schools

Published: August 14, 2016 12:00 AM

There are many

people that are retired and on a fixed income and school taxes consume a good portion of their income that otherwise could be spent on personal care, medical bills and insurance.

My suggestion is to have the school taxes eliminated from property owners and place a $25 or more added charge to all licensed tag vehicles each year in the state to cover the cost of all the public school expenses which could also cover new school buildings. This would bring in millions of dollars-plus and if needed, a percentage of that could help to repair our roads and highways.

For example, my yearly school taxes are at 46.37 percent of my total house taxes. I'm 83 years old and have no children in school. What a savings for people with less income and just have Social Security and small retirement checks that they could have more money for needed personal care.

School taxes at one time were not paid by the property owner but by the state. Some years ago, it was put on the homeowner.

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There are people who live in condos and apartment complexes that pay no school taxes. With my suggestion, all people that have some sort of vehicles would pay toward school taxes.

Here is an example of the vehicles that would have an increase on the license tags: cars; trucks; tractor and trailers; buses; motor homes; camping trailers; motorcycles; motor scooters; pickup trailers; bicycles; and dog tags, which would be a small increase.

The amount of money added to vehicles' license tags versus savings of school taxes by homeowners is a no-brainer. This additional charge, along with the lottery and casino money where a percentage is marked for schools, would give the state many millions of dollars to take care of our schools and add needed road repairs.

Donald Lancy, Cuyahoga Falls

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