Cuyahoga Falls News-Press readers share voting experiences



The Cuyahoga Falls News-Press asked its Facebook friends to share their General Election voting experience. From a low of 10-minutes to a high of 45-minutes, this is what they said about their wait and what they endured.

One person posted that the polls at the Quirk Cultural Center were "packed." "They certainly needed more voting booths," she wrote, adding, "I was lucky, my precinct line was short."

Another person who cast their ballot at Quirk wrote, "Had to go back three times [and] still had to wait, but the third time is the charm and my wait was 20 minutes. There was helpful staff and amazingly cheerful at 6 p.m. after many voters and still more in line."

A voter at Lions Park Lodge did not view their experience in as positive a light. "Waited 45 minutes ... at 7 a.m. Very crowded. Very unorganized. The ladies could of took the book down the line to make sure people were in their right lines. Volunteers were very slow, could of went a little quicker."

Another wrote: "Our polling location was moved to Sutliff Apartments ... [where there was] not enough parking and not really a lot of room to wait. Not sure why we were moved from the church on Chestnut [Boulevard] to there ..."

A voter who was also relocated to Sutliff posted, "Not a fan of the new polling location (Sutliff), but whatever. Process was smooth for me, [but] did see two people turned away though who seemingly weren't on the list."

Another poster shared Nov. 6 marked the "first time I've had to wait in a line voting mid-morning before lunch, but only waited about 20 to 25 minutes. Not sure if it was due to this election or the new polling location (Bolich)."

A voter rated highly both the staff and her experience at the Community of Believers Church on State Road. She noted the site is "really convenient for [the] handicapped, too."

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